Clone Newsletter #7

Here is the SEVENTH issue of the Clone Newsletter. These have never been archived online before, so I am happy to be able to share them with you.
There is 12 pages in this issue.

Page One: Special Solutions, Bugs/Fixes
Page Two:  How to build a DONGLE for PAPERCLIP
Page Three: Copy Oil’s Well, F-15 Strike Eagle, Worlds Greatest Baseball
Page Four: Worlds Greatest Baseball continued
Page Five: Summer Games, Impossible Mission, Raid on Bungling Bay
Page Six: Tennis, Breakdance, Pitstop II
Page Seven: Seven Cities of Gold, DROL, Space Shuttle, Gothmog’s Lair, The Print Shop
Page Eight: Nick’s Swift Copy
Page Nine: Knights of the Desert, Battle for Normandy
Page Ten: Quick Load, Encounter, The Print Shop, Lode Runner
Page Eleven: Zaxxon, Raid Over Moscow, Superclone comments
Page Twelve: Our New Music Products Are Coming

PDF of Issue #7: Clone Newsletter-07b

Clone Newsletter-07-1

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