F-14 Tomcat code sheet

F-14 Tomcat used manual copy protection.

As the game loads it stops at the screen below and you must identify parts of the F-14.

But, If you incorrectly identify the highlighted item, you’ll be quickly enlisted and just as quickly discharged for conduct unbecoming an officer.

Now see the print out below to know how to identify the correct parts to start the game.





Ocean Ranger Codes

OCEAN RANGER – Log in Codes

A naval simulation game. The Ocean Ranger is the first of a new class of frigate sized missile ships. You are able to track and destroy targets on the sea surface, beneath the sea, and in the air. Missions occur in one of four locations (from easiest to most difficult), the Bering Sea, Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Persian Gulf. While in port you can choose to equip your ship with a variety of weapons, then take off to rid an area of hostile enemies. In battle the view is from the deck of the boat, allowing enemies to be targeted and destroyed.

During log in you are asked for your CLEARANCE CODE, below are the answers: