Copy-Q (1984)

Copy-Q claimed to be the fastest, most reliable and easy to use copy program. Contained an intelligent nibbler. Seems pretty basic from the screen shot. Can anyone report how well did this program work?

copy-q-b CopyQ (1984) Copyq-2

5 thoughts on “Copy-Q (1984)

  1. It worked fantasticly well. You culd buy an original and he copied it perfectly during one year or more after copy-q release.

    There were many versions of this program.

    It was a favourite of mine with Fast Hack’em, Orange Copy, Turbo nibbler, Turbo copy and Kwik Load.

  2. I used this exclusively until Copy II was released, and moved to Fast Hack ‘Em after that. As I recall, it had a dynamic track/sector screen which showed progress and errors for each sector during a copy.

    I grew up in Minneapolis, looks like these guys were local.

    • Beach Head II used PirateBusters protection. Checks track 35 for $D7, $D7, then “$AA, $55”. This track has no sync signal. Copy II had parameters to copy it, Fast Hackem also.

  3. Copy-Q worked well, but it was just part of my arsenal in the days. I often found it could copy disks that Fast Hack’em couldn’t handle. Fast Hack’em was always my first go at a disk, but Copy-Q handled most everything else.

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