Easy Flash 3 Video & Info

If you use a C64, you need an Easy Flash 3 cartridge.
Here is a video I made about them.


EasyFlash 3 offers a number of features:

  • 8 8kB slots for alternative KERNAL ROM images,
  • 7 EasyFlash I cartridge image slots.
  • Support for the following cartridge formats
    • Normal 8k
    • Normal 16k
    • Ultimax
    • Ocean Type 1
    • EasyFlash
    • EasyFlash xbank
  • Compatibility with Action Replay, Retro Replay, Nordic Power, and Super Snapshot 5 images.

Installing a JiffyDOS

Installing a JiffyDOS
I made two videos when I installed my JiffyDOS into my Commodore 64 and the 1541 disk drive. Below are those videos

How to Install a JiffyDOS into a Commodore 64

Installing a JiffyDOS in a Commodore 1541 Disk Drive