John Madden Code Wheel

madden1 John Madden Football from Electronic Arts in 1989.






The game used a codewheel for it copy protection. Electronics Art used many different copy protection forms in the 1980s for it’s Commodore 64 games from Error checking to FAT Tracks on 34/35, to Pirateslayer and then to Codewheels and manual look ups.


After the boot screen and you select

Start Game you get this screen that

ask for your Madden Season Ticket


There was already a print out of the codewheel, BUT it’s pretty confusing look at this:  John Madden Football

SO I found a code wheel on Ebay and bought it to scan for my blog, here it is in PDF and PNG. Hope this helps someone. MaddenScan.PDF and


TMNT – code sheet


tmnt-2This game was released by ULTRA games. It was a double disk set with data on the front and back.





tmnt-4After the game loads you get this screen to the left. You have to look up the code on a red code sheet, In this case you had to look up the ‘J29’ to progress in the game.

in PDF format for you to print out.





Chernobyl – manual code

chern-titleI was testing a Chernobyl disk the other day and couldn’t get past the “Station Number Code” because I couldn’t find a manual online anyplace. So I bought a new one so I could open and get the manual.

So here is the manual scanned in.
Chernobyl Manual

I also captured the instructions from the game and combined into two sheets that you can easily print out. So what was the code I needed? BNL104 (that’s it, can you believe that?)
The manual says BNL104-PN, but I found that you do not need the -PN for it to work!
Here’s a video I made on this game:



Airborne Ranger medal sheet


Airborne Ranger was such a great game in 1987, I played it for hours and hours. BUT it used two types of copy protection. First the disk used a custom format making it hard to copy.
Then there is a manual lookup for awards and medals. ALSO there are at least two version of this disk but Maverick has a parameter for both.

Below is a sheet with all of the medal and awards you need for the game, all on one sheet you can print out.

air-ranger-manual-2aIRBORNE rANGER

Thud Ridge – Code Sheet

Thud Ridge: American Aces In Nam

Thud Ridge 1 Thud Ridge 2

Thud Ridge: American Aces In Nam was released in 1988, by Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc. The premise of the game you were a Republic F-105 Thunderchief pilot known as the “Thud”. Set in Vietnam was you were to fly conventional strike and defense suppression missions.

You start out in as a Lieutenant in the “Wild Weasels” and you first mission is to get a feel of your “Thud” craft. Missions that follow vary from eliminating tankers, bombing bridges, dropping leaflets, even engaging MIGs. Your rank will advance if missions are completed.

You can see in the 3rd photo that this game used a look up code for it’s form of copy protection calling it the Flight Verification Code.

It actually uses the RED sheet of paper with black letters making it hard or impossible to photocopy.  Here is also the code table in PDF format. Thud Ridge Flight Code Chart

Again thanks goes to Craig Ernster for providing the photos and information.

Thud Ridge 3 Flight Verification-01Thud Ridge Flight Code Chart-small