Copy Machine 1992

Copymachine-1 by Kalevi Kuha.
I only have this image below and not a D64 of this disk, I have never seen any ads for this also. Copyright date of 1992. Make high quality copy of a whole disk in one 1541 drive in 1-3 minutes. Can anyone send me the D64 for this disk?

Unveiling the Pirate Part 2

Unveiling the Pirate Part 2

This is part #2 in this article from The Transactor in 1984.

This article is about the new and improved ways to add confusion and pain to the lives of pirates everywhere.

DOWNLOAD this PDF here: Unveiling-Part2 





Auto check for Protection: CHRGET
USR Function Jump
Hardware Interrupt Vector
Break Interrupt Vector
NMI Interrupt Vector
Open Vector
Close Vector
INPUT Vector
Test STOP Vector
Many many more