Word from Garry Kitchen

Garry Kitchen and GameMaker

I found this signed GameMaker manual in a recent purchase.

It sure looked like it said Garry to me.
So I found his contact info, which wasn’t very hard with a Goggle Search. To my surprise I heard back in less than one day.

He told me that it is definitely something he signed. Although not 30 years ago, as I had imagined.

Quote: I often appear at retro gaming shows and participate in panel discussions, etc. The talks are often followed by a “meet & greet/autograph session.” People sometimes bring items from their collection for me to sign. I’ve seen my share of GameMaker manuals.

I also asked him about GameMaker and if he had any secrets about it:

He said: “GameMaker, it took a year+ to make. It’s definitely the product in my portfolio that I’m most proud of. I wish that I had continued to work on it/update it. It’s a shame that it stopped after the original version, it could have gone a lot further.

 By the way, Pitfall took 2 weeks to write in GameMaker. And the commercially-released C-64 arcade port Crossbow was written entirely in GameMaker!”

He finished by saying: If I ever get back to working on GameMaker I’ll let you know.

WOW, just how cool is that.. Thank you Garry!


Jack Nicklaus Course Sheet

 Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

This game used this Red Course Sheet as it’s copy protection. As I have mentioned before, Photo Copiers of the time could not make good copies of these.


But now, it’s easy to fix with Photoshop.

I wanted a better scan of this than what was already online, so I recently purchased this game only for this Course Sheet. I have scanned it and converted it to Black & White and put in the PDF file below – ENJOY

CLICK HERE: Jack Nicklaus Course Sheet PDF

CodeBuster (1985)

This is my copy of CODEBUSTER which was released in 1985. This was released a few months after ISEPIC, which was the 1st Snapshot type of cartridge. CodeBuster was the 2nd.

ISEPIC was a RAM based copier
Codebuster was a ROM Based snap shot
Then Super Snapshot was a ROM & RAM copier

This cartridge is SUPER RARE, the first 100 cartridges released was called Codebuster before having it’s name changed to Snapshot 64.

Here is a video I made of me first trying out and testing the CODEBUSTER

I scanned in the manual and you can download it here for free: CodeBuster Manual

Here are a few more photos: