ECHO – 1987

The ECHO was developed by Jim Drew.
The Echo and it’s software was released before the Shadow (Megasoft)
The Echo software also because the Supercard version

From Jim Drew, “ECHO was sold for about 6 months or so (through my company called “UnderWare”) before it was renamed as Supercard and sold through Utilities Unlimited, a spin-off company that Reggie created due to the Shadow disaster which destroyed Megasoft. UnderWare had ads in Compute!, RUN, and several other magazines. I sold ECHO, X-RAY (a density display), and a few other products. ”


Double Dribble Password Book

Double Dribble disk did not contain any on disk copy protection.
BUT instead uses a manual/code book look-up. (SEE Below for the photos)
When you boot the game you immediate get this black screen below.
You need the RED Code sheet to enter the 4 digit Password to start the game.
In this case for C07 you would enter 8467, then the game would start.

Here is the Original RED code sheet – RED because it was hard to Photocopy back in the day. Special THANKS goes to Jerry Kurtz for this original:

Then I convert to B/W with Photoshop so you can print it out: