Double Dribble Password Book

Double Dribble disk did not contain any on disk copy protection.
BUT instead uses a manual/code book look-up. (SEE Below for the photos)
When you boot the game you immediate get this black screen below.
You need the RED Code sheet to enter the 4 digit Password to start the game.
In this case for C07 you would enter 8467, then the game would start.

Here is the Original RED code sheet – RED because it was hard to Photocopy back in the day. Special THANKS goes to Jerry Kurtz for this original:

Then I convert to B/W with Photoshop so you can print it out:


Phantom by Trilogic

Phantom by Trilogic info sent to me by Draven
This 1541 board worked with the Doppelganger software – Link is HERE 

From the ad below: This is a fastloader, Fast formatter, 60 additional commands, Write Protect ignored – no need to notch disk, plus tons more. Check out the ad and then photos of this board:


UltraCopy 64

Ultracopy 64 The Disk Duplicating System by Jim Lagervist in 1984
He later also released Ultra Copy II in 1985

Screenshot credits to Draven

DOWNLOAD Here:  Ultra Copy
The directory does not list right, but side one does load.